A Long Way Around To A Shortcut

(Drag City) Used 2xLP $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

The bright, surging sound of ye olde rock’n’roll radio (and the garages that tuned in), heard through air darkened with specks of nameless obstruction. Originally issued as a CD in 2008, this reissue collects songs from singles, EPs, compilations and one previously unreleased track.



(Siltbreeze) Used LP $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

The fourth long-player by Mike Donovan and Matt Hartman, delivering cosmic concrete creak, forged with trebly, high-end neo-glam pop. Equal parts Bob Markley and Uli Trepte, U.S. EZ is the virtual brick of Berlin / Big Sur hash we’ve all been waiting to break into. The ominous death’s head fez has now been ensconced in a witchy naugahyde bonnet, thus leveling the playing field for both the psychedelically challenged and the itinerant avant garde.