No Jacket Allowed

(Chocolate Monk - Choc.551) CDR $8.00

Raconteur, math whizz, fine thread dresser and psychedelic noise psychonaut Lewis Duffy follows up Tango Super Bock with a deep dive into his post-Covid brain drain. Shimmering electronics and repetitive glee pulse out euphoric ear worms. He has a mind boner for the impossible, like a more hirsute Neil Campbell with a skill for shitty pant throwing. Bow down.


Tango Super Bock

(Chocolate Monk - choc.489) CDR $6.75

This Glasgow-based mystery merchant hatched in Holmfirth, before Bristol spritzed up their lugs. Here they serve slurries of audio ’shrooms for teetotalers while indulging in dry drunk sips from the wine hive of electric warble. Tape loops, violin, Yamaha keyboard, and a broken sequencer that a battery exploded in, (transforming it into a sound-mangler supreme), recorded in Lisbon, September 2019, mostly, then mangled and massaged a few months later up in the dreich. A woozy audio sip from the cracked glass of failure. Edition of 60