(What The ... - WHAT009) Used LP $20.00

In spring 2009, Robert Beatty (Three Legged Race, Hair Police) traveled as a collaborating and touring member of Burning Star Core; written into the set list every night was slot for an improvised solo on his special electronics rig, synthesizer, space echo, question boxes, etc. "Solos" cuts them together into a work of their own. Not a collage, but a document not comprehensive to the originating context. Ten complete solos, in chronological order, for fans of detailed-driven minimum electronics. Paste-on jacket with a creepy poster to get to know. Edition of 166.


Soundtrack For Takeshi Murata

(Glistening Examples - GLEX1302) CD $12.00

(Glistening Examples - GLEX1302) LP $20.00

The collaborative relationship of your dude inside Hair Police and Three Legged Race with the titular digital video glitch pioneer has spawned some of Beatty’s strongest work to date. The rubbery pulsations of “Escape Spirit Videoslime” and the ghostly buzzing harmonics of “Untitled (Silver)” are obvious highlights. Moving between hypnotic minimalism, dense processed atmospheres, and spacious drones, these pieces are the perfect corollary to Murata’s fractured and viscous visuals. LP includes a free download code and an 11x17 poster. CD includes a non-LP bonus track.