Albert Kogler

(Troniks) Used LP (one-sided) $40.00 (Out-of-stock)

“The shark attack theme is articulated by the unrelentingly turbulent blast of persisting density. The full and present midrange allows granular focus on the wide-angle cellular structure of surges in crackles, presenting the listener with an enveloping environment at maximized volumes. The unfurling washes of texture, overloaded moments of absolute terror and impact, immortalize what being ripped apart and drowned must be like.” Paste-on photocopy, edition of 107


Dark Angled Eyebrow

(Amethyst Sunset) 7-inch $9.00

Ten minutes by the harsh noise master spread across two sides sourced from wood, nylon, and mic'd knives. Edition of 300


Shark Knifing

(Scratch And Sniff Entertainment - SNSE075) 7-inch $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

Lurching, ripping, and tearing. Relentless and sharp. Thrashing about in the blood water, coming back for the torso. There are sharks and then there are knives. How about sharks getting their throats slit by humans with knives? Think about that. These two sides present a concise and brutal attack by the master Sam McKinlay, compelled by the short format to pack each track with nothing but highlights typically spread out over longer form The Rita recordings. Hits hard, hits fast. Includes twelve-page booklet adorned with not-nice artwork culled from McKinlay's personal collection and drawings inked by the man himself, a sticker, and a double-sided postcard.


Shooting Sharks

([ no label ]) 7-inch $9.00

An intoxicatingly cut throat, sparse and depraved electric blast. All source sounds sampled from European westerns and shark hunting films.


Skate / Snorkel

(RRRecords - RRRITA) LP $17.00

The second in RRRecords' Foley series follows GX- Jupitter-Larsen's Big Time Crash Bang LP; on “Skate” Sam MacKinlay amplifies the sound of 50/50 grinds on metal railing with live effects manipulation by Christian Nicolay. A completely new recording is also included, taking its cues from the other, but uses different distortion chains and ideologies to try and fully manipulate the live skateboard trucks on steel and their tendencies when effected. “Snorkel” is made up of sound effect samples from over twenty different horror and adventure films with diving and snorkling scenes -- from underwater knife and spear gun fights, to straight wreck diving, etc. -- edited, layered, and heavily effected.


SLC Engine Decima MAS b/w Amore, Morte, Amore

(Peripheral - PR017) split 7-inch $14.25

A terrifying odyssey into harsh noise by two of the world’s hardest hitters. Uncompromising walls of icy static that soothe and hurt. Edition of 200


Wood And Metal / The Rita

(Oxen - OXEN024) Split cassette $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

A resolutely hypnotic fury of junk and skin-pummeling percussive mandate on one side by Charlie Mumma (Sissy Spacek, Unexamine, Sewer System) and Ted Byrnes (LAFMS, Airway), recorded live recording at (the) Handbag Factory, Los Angeles. On The flip Sam McKinlay draws from this source and constructs a highly charged, restless harsh wall blast, uncompromising and masterclass in scope. A lingering climax disintegrating all boundaries, emphatically gruesome.