Regel #6 (Techno) / Regel #7 (Drone)

(Quemada - QUE014) LP $13.50 (Out-of-stock)

The latest chapter in the ongoing experiment by Mattin (of Billy Bao and a thousand other projects and collaborations) on guitar, and Brainbombs’ Anders Bryngelsson on drums, to reduce a genre to a simple rule and the follow that rule without change for however long the release’s medium will allow. “Techno (Regel #6)” sounds like a recording made just outside the club, played back at top volume in a padded room for an audience of one as the lights gradually fade in and out. “Drone (Regel #7)” sounds the inside of a florescent light bulb played in a metal shack in an ice storm. Meditative, disorienting, beautiful. Edition of 200