A Short Visit To The City That Bleeds

(Being Weird Isn't Enough - BWEI01) LP $11.25

Angela Sawyer self-recorded inside a parked rental car during the 2012 High Zero Festival in Baltimore, doing kooky growls, gargles, burps, sneezes, Donald Duck impressions, half-poems, unintelligible squeaking, and overdubs achieved via cell phone (aka, the poor man’s delay pedal). A real breakthrough for the good kind of disgusting. Previously released on cassette (Dungeon Taxis 2013).


Get An Ace Case of the Measles

(Ultra Eczema - UE63) LP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

Angela Sawyer, a Boston-based psycho, record collector and owner of Weirdo Records, found herself compelled to overdub a mountain of voices on a mountain of strange instruments played by JA, who apparently “lives on one of New England's gray, shabby beaches with a couple of miniature fluffy dogs.” Thus was born Preggy Peggy And The Lazy Babymakers, who we may commend on numerous fronts: for CDRs released by Chocolate Monk and their own Being Weird Isn't Enough imprint; for never playing live; for stylish proximity to a hillbilly remix of the Sun City Girls jamming with Francois Dufrene; and for an astounding resume that includes such noteworthy ensembles as Pig Sex, The Pie Plate Band, The Cool Breeze, Jet Jaguar Backing Band, Phenomenological Boys, Stick a Fork In It, Laser Laser Laser Laser, The White People, Cough Syrup, The Saliva Sisters, Giacinto Scelsi Tribute Band, White Cocaine, My Son's Coloring Book, The Whoop Whoop Girls, Jimmy & the Waffles, N. Soseki / T. Hatsuro, The Kantian Project, Instant Distance Mental Powers, The Whistle Band, Byron, Jimmy & Gerard, Les Garcons Sur La Plage, Life Partners, The A Minor Project, Moshi Moshi I Am the Decider, Goils Goils & Fripped, Swastika Niggers, Sun Shine Sanitarium, The Cloud Club, Scarcity of Tanks, The Depressed Horns, Fleetwood Sac & the Sex-Havers, Human Hairs, Grizzler Big Band, Exusamwa, and Duck That.