A Theme Park For Whatever Happened Before

(Memoirs of an Aesthete) LP $20.00

The first sighting of Julian Bradley (a founding member of The Vibracathedral Orchestra) in a number of years. Eight tracks of intricate electronic calligraphy produced by archaic and malfunctioning effects units, unsweetened by digital reverb or any other modern day fripperies. Fuzztone and feedback patterns pulsate, intersect, and mix drone electronics, garage psych and a lumbering dose of doom metal. Imagine The Dead C eviscerating the instrumental bits off the first Roxy Music album and you’re halfway there. Edition of 250.


How Do We Come Out A Cosmetic Front And Go Where

(Chocolate Monk - choc.488) CDR $6.75 (Out-of-stock)

Twenty-seven years after setting foot upon the spoiled carpets of the original Chocolate Monk HQ in Norfolk Square, Mr Julian Bradley beams in somnolent warmth. Many little repeating sections in twirl. In twirl. “What gives with this marvel?” demands the CEO. “Recorded over two afternoons in May,” comes the reply, “Hit by a desire to make weedy, thin songs. Bass and fogged rumble: OUT. Amp buzz and whiney riffs: IN. For now, anyway.” Feel the wheeze of minimal / maximal hypnoid. Edition of 60