Battutosso / Bone Pulse (And Other Nature Musics)

(Ricerca Sonora - RS5) LP $27.00

Gamelan-ish solo recordings from 1989-97 using bones, the 100 most beautiful cow bells, breath, flute, rock, and Geoff Hendricks's xylophone sculpture. Edition of 300.


Gong / Ear : dance-ing, 1 & 2

(Roaratorio - ROAR27) LP $32.00 (Out-of-stock)

As part of “Metal Meditations,” Corner’s decades-long series of improvisations with dancers, Gong / Ear utilizes his favorite Paiste tam-tam; the two recordings here -- from his NYC Leonard Street loft in 1989 -- are a feedback loop of perceptions between gong and dance: “the initiating sound (or perhaps the dancer’s posture) is made physically audible. Responsive movement is turned back into sound. Musicianly attentiveness sends it back, and it continues.” Handcut facsimile brass gong, silkscreened with Corner’s calligraphy and mounted onto the jacket. Includes download coupon. Edition of 305.


Italian Air: Wind, Water & Metal

(Ricerca Sonora - RS1) LP $21.00

Three previously unpublished compositions by one of the giants of Fluxus, recorded in various locations: "Ear Wave" (Venice, October 1994) for Korean cymbal in water, ecstatic with acousmatic interjections of metallic resonances, subtle water, and the midnight bell of San Marco; "Gong/Ear" (S. Andrea di Rovereto, June 1990) for gong together with rain and thunder; and "I Respiri/The Breaths" (Teatro Scandicci, 1992) for alphorn and gong. Second edition of 200 on clear vinyl.


“Musiques des Ailes / Wingèd Music”

(Ricerca Sonora - RS2) LP $21.00

Corner and Neville experiment and improvise with the metallic resonances, obscure low frequencies, drones, silences and pure vibrating sonorities of Vogel’s eight steel bells and gongs, modeled after flat bronze or copper placed in the doorway of the Kachins or Mungs of Burma. Recorded in Paris, 1999, at the Archipel (the atelier of French artist Polska). Edition of 350.


Through Two More-Than-Mysterious Barricades

(Roaratorio - ROAR36) LP $21.00 (Out-of-stock)

Two very different takes on “Les Barricades Mistérieuses,” the harpsichord gem by French Baroque composer François Couperin. The first dates from 1992, in collaboration with dancer Paulette Sears (who provides the “singings and screamings” of the album’s subtitle) and moves from a frenzy of abstraction to a more meditative zone, with diversions and tributaries along the way. The second, from 2004, is a rougher beast, recorded with wildly over-saturated levels; the tape machine itself becomes a participant in the performance, with its heavy distortion bringing out stormclouds of overtones from Corner’s piano. Download coupon included. Listen to excerpts here: