More Nipples

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This session from April 18, 1969, put British improvisers Evan Parker and Derek Bailey into a once-in-a-lifetime sextet with Brötzmann and Buschi Niebergall, and Dutch radicals Han Bennink and Fred van Hove. “The title track is 17 minutes of some of the most important music in the history of European free jazz,” Pitchfork assures us. “As it unfolds with duos and trios crystallizing from the splinters of the entire group’s nuclear mass, it’s … apparent how well these guys understood each other’s playing, to the point of being conscious of what the group performance sounded like as a whole…. Don’t let the fact that these are outtakes scare you away from this disc, because this stuff is essential to anyone interested in how Herr Brötzmann earned his status as one of the most devastating forces to ever touch a saxophone.”