Pendulum Change Ringing

(Edition Telemark - 314.03) LP $21.00 (Out-of-stock)

The first vinyl LP edition since 1986 by this Dutch sound and visual artist contains a recording of the installation from Pand Koloniale Waren in Hasselt, Belgium, in 2012 — which consists of twelve engraved Turkish metal platters mounted onto a black plastic bin, placed in a row twenty meters long, the rim of each of which is struck by a metal pendulum operated by tiny electromotors. Since the lengths of the arms of the pendulums are different, interlocking rhythmic patterns of the resonations don’t stay the same. The rich sound texture full of dissonant overtones is not chaotic, yet its regularity is hard to comprehend. With photos of the installation and liner notes by René van Peer. Edition of 300.