Four Notes In Search Of A Tune

(Nihilist) Used LP $50.00

Broken remains of multiple separate LP pieced together the hot glue, with the pieces angled in such a way that the needle drops off the edge of each fragment and causes a loud thud. Playable any any speed. Edition of 100.


Imperfection Of The Organism

(Scratch And Sniff Entertainment) Used LP $10.00

Andy Ortmann and Jeremy Fisher’s crackling electronics from 2003 using turkey baster, mashed potatoes, Library of Congress tape decks for the blind, Digitech PDS-8000, Korg MS-20, Korg Mono-Poly, Electro-Harmonix Mini-Synthesizer, EH Small Stone, EH Memory Man, floor tom, guitar, electronic tabla, modified TI Speak & Spell, Maniac electronic game, modified Roland CR-5000 , Univox spring reverb, duck caller, voices. Ether-soaked beauty and a ravishing repulsiveness. Red vinyl. Edition of 300


New Directions in Creative Nihilism

(Turgid Animal - TA242) 7-inch $9.85

Junkyard pick-and-scrape from Andy Ortmann and co., who use time, space and mind-boggling stereo switching to their advantage. Limited to 220 copies on heavy black vinyl, with artwork screened by Jelle Crama.



(Liquid Death / Hello Pussy) Used CD $5.00

Andy Ortmann blends the natural properties of found sounds and electronics to create a truly perverse beauty, a synthesis of the classically musical with the classically noisy — feedback, electronic manipulations and musique concrète. This 2004 disc is “one of an unsettling uncertainty, made all the more noticeable by its own self-assuredness. For the listener who … likes music to embark upon fresh, exciting, dangerous journeys navigated by nervous idiosyncrasies and unspoken compulsions” and “can stomach mangled baby’s cries, feedback, water and deconstructed industrial rhythms, this record gives you all that and more…. Dirty and secretly thrilling.” Includes the grotesque yet beautiful “Convulsion Expulsion” video by controversial Chicago underground filmmaker Usama Alshaibi.



(Nihilist) Enhanced CD $4.00

Andy Ortmann’s soundtrack to Usama Alshaibi’s 32mm film “Convulsion Expulsion.” Sealed


Resistor / Pleasure Mechanisms Understudy

(Nihilist) Used LP $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

League-of-their-own electronics by Bay Area duo beloved for their cardboard computer and ramshackle Witchypoo costuming, backed with bachelor pad birdcalls, space jingles, random blips and bleeps, and reassuring 1950s anachronisms.



(Nihilist) Used Split LP $10.00

From 2000. Silkscreened Mylar cover.