Other Thunders

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This solo project of Daniel Padden (Volcano The Bear) quickly morphed into a quartet with the recruitment of Chris Hladowski and Aby Vulliamy of Nalle, and Peter Nicholson. With Padden’s leadership, they developed a curious and strident brew of Eastern European folk, chamber music and some kind of earthy, psychedelic primitivism. Their approach is given the blaze of full technicolor glory as they expand to a septet, exacerbating their collision of the formal and the tribal and oftentimes recalling the soundtrack and mood of Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain.


The Owl Of Fives

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Strangely minimal, weird and earthy, skewed folk music from a country that never existed by one-third of Volcano The Bear. As an album, it’s pretty difficult to pin down. Padden uses traditional folk structures as the basis for many of songs here. But other esoteric influences are at work here as well: Southeast Asian traditional music, acoustic jazz flourishes, perhaps even the mystical minimalism of Terry Riley, combining a strange and beautiful amalgam of (mostly) wordless vocals, stumbling piano, scurrying cello, mournful kazoo interludes, deranged waltzes, and stuff that’s totally unidentifiable with his wayward outsider music.