Ein Geisteskranker Als Künstler

(Ronda - RND11) CD $12.00

Fourteen mesmerizing, nerve-wracking tracks from the archives recorded 1994 to 2006 by noise guitarist and founding member of French-Romanian experimental post-punk trio Sun Plexus 2. Guitar, bass, cymbal, analog synth, and misappropriated objects (45s, radio tube, “a person ‘trapped’ as drowsy” during Regreb and Ogrob’s Temple Of Rock installation) deliver ghostly visions from the depths of dark and wet caves. Expect nothing less from this member of Foi Pour Pusillanime, French Doctors, l’Autopsie A Révélé Que La Mort Etait Due A l’Autopsie, Le 9900, and Micro_penis.


Oeil Céleste

(Doubtfulsounds - DOUBT13) 10-inch $16.00

Six tracks that mix the noise experimentation of Stéphane Récrosio with Sébastien Borgo’s field recordings and short waves in Sydney and Tasmania. Digital precision, lo-fi fog, junk sounds, clean noise, kitchen utensils. Cover is hand-stamped on heavy cardboard. Includes postcard. Clear vinyl. Edition of 200.