Gone All To The Down

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.405) CDR $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

No-fi abstract crunk merchants Steve Clarke and Julian Bradley shuffled out of Birmingham in the 1990s before evaporating. Bradley resurfaced in Vibra Cathedral Orchestra etc., while Clarke teamed up with Sean Conway of Plastic Hooligans and UFO Antler Band to further confuse as The Gas Shepherds before disappearing again. He returns under The Negative kite moniker and serves up more than 40 minutes of solipsistic sound compost. Is he the only one here? Or is that you? Numbered edition of 75.


Hovering A Corner Into Carpet High Skies

(Chocolate Monk - choc.532) CDR $8.00

Birmingham’s mysterious The Negative Kite returns after a short three-year absence with 41minutes and 41 seconds of hard-to-pin-down lo-fidelity Xerox-like tape music. This thing wheezes, crackles and confuses. Bass rumbles and skittering cassettes float alongside distant resonating who-knows-what while unknown animal-ish sounds burble up into earshot. Feels like you’re floating over a monochromatic landscape. Astral projection music for all you ferric oxide animists. Edition of 60