Cover The Earth

(Heresee) LP $12.00

Carly Ptak, Twig Johnson and Max Eisenburg marshal in the era of The New Electronics, which, get this, works without electricity. For reals, man. Eight tracks, maybe nine -- c’mon, you don’t still believe in numbers -- that swizzle the Baltimore trio’s unfathomable home-made chaos into uneven blasts of ravaging ping-pong “beats,” distorted, rack-stretched taunts and/or pleas for mercy, and rapidly exfoliating cries of outrage. Whether aiming for that rising blister on your psyche or just stumbling like dazed Muppets in a frequency-and-perspective-gone-haywire blizzard, Cover the Earth removes Nautical Almanac from the fascinating curios section and files them under “noise force to be reckoned with.”


Nautical Almanac

(Hanson - HN014 ) LP $30.00

Their 1996 tetanus-inspired debut album by Twig Harper and crew, the rusty nail that pierced the skin of the Midwest frontier with nary a an upper division credit (lecture, labwork or otherwise) in electronics management to their name. Covers hand-smeared.