Programmed Pain

(Mute - STUMM783) CD $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

The debut release by this San Francisco cross-genre experimental duo (sound and performance artist Gerritt Wittmer; musician / producer Jesse Jackson, ex-Sissy Spacek, touring member of The Liars) melds weird-core darkness with melody and rhythm via various electronica and synth-based instrumentation. Their depravity-and-austerity-embracing reality explores concepts of life, death, pain and its absence. Features their first single “LMAB,” the B-Side, “Born of Knight,” and four remixes (“Douleur Programmee” by sound artist Francisco Meirino; Black Claw” by filmmaker Orland Nutt; “Your Only Rite In Life Is Death” by G9) and “Resurrection” by Wittmer). Have a listen here: