(Ini Itu - 1202) LP $19.00 (Out-of-stock)

A collection of tracks resembling pages torn from a tormented diary, with a complex array of emotions (anger, angst, gloom, pride, faith, isolation, anguish, etc). Giulia Loli merges Sa’aidi hardcore and Baladi breakbeats in a mutant, syncopated form of instrumental hip-hop; her circular rhythms fuse acoustic instruments (re’qs, mazhar, douf, cello) and electronic tones, augmented by voices, sometimes vocoded, and field recordings from Tuscany, Egypt and various other locations. Often bittersweet and brooding, the raw fuzz of the music evokes an insular and somewhat fractured force, balancing between the abstract and the confrontational. Sprawling Afro-Asiatic melodies and elaborate, convoluted developments. Edition of 250.