The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow

(Too Pure) Used LP $30.00

Mid-’90s dub-bass post-punk, with arresting guitar-free atmospheres a la Metal Box, inside brilliant jazz / pop melodies. In the assets column are Collapsed Lung bassist Johnny Dawe (skilled in Jah Wobble-style dub gymnastics), Polly Harvey and Stereolab’s Katharine Gifford on background-ish vocals, the occasional trumpet courtesy of Andrew Blick, and Raymond Dickaty on woodwinds and brass. Highlights include “Joker John,” a warp-speed dub with rolling percussion and creaky swingset samples; the atonal-esque, slightly spastic instrumental title track, with Gene Krupa molestation and handclaps; and “Into Deep Neutral,” where vocalist David Callahan gets his most melodic with Gifford and Harvey doubling and tripling on the chorus, catapulted by breezy horn vamps. Sealed