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Selected from hundreds of hours of solo material and collaborations with Petra Haden (That Dog, Decemberists, Foo Fighters), Rick Potts (Solid Eye, Dinosaurs With Horns, LAFMS) and Leticia Castaneda, Bryan Eubanks, and Joe Foster (Seoul, Korea), Celadonia is the first substantial release of Brown's electronic and electro-acoustic music. Working primarily with magnetic tape, analog synthesizers, organ, contact microphones, various resonant objects and signal processors, these extended improvisations were recorded and sculpted into compositions between 2002 and 2006. At times the magnetic tape loop techniques employed seem to stem from seeds planted by pioneering tape manipulator and Zen-humorist Henry Jacobs, Terry Riley and his time-lag-accumulator method or the one-man Melon Expander house-band, Joseph Hammer. Fused with other electronic systems created to exist as sustainable yet pliable sound fields, these sprawling cinemas-for-the-ear embody anything from ghostly distant memories to funhouse mirror refraction to enveloping shimmering cyclones. Brown has also recorded and/or performed with Points of Friction, Paramecial Wedding, Joe Potts, Joseph Hammer, G.E. Stinson, Tom Recchion, Albert Ortega, Loachfillet, John Wiese / Sissy Spacek, Johannes Bergmark, Smegma, Ezra Buchla, Leticia Castaneda, Lionel Marchetti, Giussepe Ilasi, Jerome Noetinger, Barry Conley, Thomas Dimuzio, Kevin Shields, Los Cincos/ Syncopation, Martian Mellows and Gasp among many others.