Message Bag

(Destijl) 2xLP $24.00 (Out-of-stock)

Rife with history, and yet clearly focused on the future, Message Bag returns to an unresolved system, as an alternative to the rest of your choices, clearly inspired by a 1970s NYC we all wish we’d have seen and heard. Thick. Includes newsprint poster. Packaged in hand-sewn cloth bag.



(Destijl - IND076) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Visual artist Taketo Shimada moved to New York in late 80s and has been making music with Tres Warren of Psychic Ills since 2006, exploring a hybrid of raga, techno and drone rock. Odds are someone walking down Canal Street in NYC will hear the sound of Messages coming from a fifth floor walkup: sine waves, bass loops, guitars, samplers and turntables mashing into a storm of slowly shifting repetitions, heavy, monotone low-end and smoky echoes that conjure unexpected subsonic grooves. Dusted called their Social Registry seven-inch "heavy, humid drone, pregnant with 4am electricity and, in the end, thick fuzzy beats. A beautiful surprise, engaging even in its abstract tendencies."