13000 Miles At Light

(Tzadik) Used CD $7.00

“Anyone impressed with studio recordings of the group’s scratchy, frantic rock will no doubt be bowled over with the way this sounds in a more direct and organic setting,” muses All Music Guide. “With a pace and energy that rivals kings of the genre…, [this 1999 live album] tears through most of their best tracks…. Most notable is a cover of ‘Surfing USA’…, [which] you can probably imagine how wonderful such a thing would be.”


Melt-Banana / Stilluppsteypa

(Something Weird) Used Split 10-inch $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Fourteen hairball tracks by our Japanese freakazoid friends, some of which get into mad dub and cut-up techniques, all later reissued on their singles comp 13 Hedgehogs (A-Zap 2005), backed with primo Icelandic experimental abstraction, the side-long “Important Anti-Art Dances.”


Scratch Or Stitch

(Skin Graft) Used LP $75.00

Ear-piercing over-adrenalized noise-rock from the mid-1990s. A frenzied collision of ferocious guitars, rhythmic mayhem, and over-the-top screech. Silk-screened plastic jacket, lyric booklet, poster and temporary tattoo. Sealed


Speak Squeak Creak! T-Shirt

([ no label ]) Size L $60.00

United States Activewear 100% cotton. Black with white ink on front and back. From 1990s