When The Night Is Cruel (1979-1988)

(Vinyl on Demand - VOD76) 2xLP $37.00 (Out-of-stock)

A mix of rarities, never-before-on-vinyl, unheard and previously unreleased material, and classics that have been out of print for almost thirty years. Gatefold jacket, rare photographs, liner notes. Edition of 600. Track listing: 1. Love is So Aggravating (out of print) 2. Exit (long version / previously unreleased) 3. Madman’s Song (demo / previously unreleased) 4. Allure (live / never released on vinyl / out of print) 5. The Fall (never released on vinyl / out of print) 6. Petit Duet (with Martin Bowes / never released on vinyl / out of print) 7. Age Old Fashion (never released on vinyl) 8. I Want You (never released on vinyl) 9. Pleasure Heist (original / vinyl out of print) 10. The Lights of March (never released on vinyl) 11. The Poison for Me (never released on vinyl) 12. 3rd Party (never released on vinyl) 13. Quest (never released on vinyl) 14. Who’s Really Listening? (vinyl out of print) 15. Graveyard 2 (vinyl out of print) 16. White Glove (vinyl out of print) 17. On the Wings of Sorrow (demo / previously unreleased) 18. Sojourn (live with the Klinik / previously unreleased on vinyl) 19. Cartel Danse (1985 Remix) (previously unreleased) 20. Boule (Viens Ici) (Ptose cover / vinyl out of print) 21. All of My Dreams (never released on vinyl) 22. When the Night is Cruel (demo / previously unreleased) 23. Sojourn (vinyl out of print) 24. Sliver Mourning (demo / previously unreleased) 25. The Reflection (never released on vinyl / out of print) 26. I Want You (1985 Remix / previously unreleased) 27. Pushing And Pulling (vinyl out of print) 28. Mind Disease (demo / previously unreleased) 29. Il Pluet A Bruxelles (never released on vinyl)