Un Autre Voyage

(Holodeck - HD033) LP $17.25 (Out-of-stock)

Intimate solo work by one of Montréal’s foremost electronic artists in contemporary pop. The handling of synthesizers and drum machines by his long-time member of Les Momies de Palerme, Hotel Monochrome, DKMD, and Essaie Pas coalesces in synchronized harmony, punctuated by Davidson’s hypnotic vocal delivery, sung and spoken in French and English. Her surreal, atmospheric compositions show irrepressible traces of exuberance, displaying a fresh luminosity in her palette, while her use of direct experience and candid self-examination as topics for song convey a newfound serenity that playfully underlines her otherwise brooding and pensive soundscapes. This is a potent assembly of real life expositions that are coarse and organic, yet undeniably nuanced and refined. Includes free download card.
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