Basement Recordings 1978-1982

(Ultra Eczema - UE76) LP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

An unearthed treasure by Belgian free jazzman whose 1970s associations include WIM, Fred van Hove, and Ivo van der Borght at their most disturbing. One might expect to find decent free music here, relating to other Antwerp freaks of the era, but as usual, Ultra Eczema confounds expectation. This batch of seriously strange outsider weirdness kicks off with “Aerosol,” a duet for undertone singing and asthma inhaler machine. The instrumentation of “Watermuziek” includes tubes, saxophones, mouthpieces and Coomans's voice in a bathtub half filled with water. Untitled droning harmonica pieces clearly link him to raga folks such Wannes van de Velde. Elsewhere vacuum cleaners are attached to metals and soprano saxes. A cover of “Louie Louie,” played on piano and vacuum cleaner, is simply wacko. With insert and photos.