Cup Queen

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COMING SOON. “The energy of the Queen is situated between the 4 (security) and 5 (appeal of an ideal). She rests upon something that has been established, all the while knowing a new point of view exists. She is a pragmatic and active figure who knows her symbol well. She can become excessive, submerged by her element. Sea, shower, rain water hit the edges of their boundary spaces — shore, bath, polythene roof — and LDSN speaks variously on the subject of the water element, receptivity, fluidity and time, care and recovery. These are spare, playful compositions with vocal loops, field recordings, wind, strings, bells, birdsong, breath, claps, slaps, percussion and a mesmerizing quote from Ursula le Guin: ‘Neither grief nor pride had so much truth in them as did joy.’ ” Edition of 60


In Each Act Processing Grief and Longing

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These transmissions from the weird and wet Upper Calder Valley follow on from releases by Roy Claire Potter, The Singing Isle, and Embla Quickbeam). Here Todmorden-based poet, writer, teacher, barkeep, dogsbody, collector of dreams, occasional performing artist presents lo-fi spoken word pieces peppered with the sound of home and countryside. Use words to get your weary arse out the ditch, pal. Numbered edition of 40