Krabas Musique de Ultrá

(Chocolate Monk - choc.475) CDR $7.00

Odie ji Ghast and Thomas Tyler use dictaphones, voice, guitar, mountain dulcimer, bells, electronics, tapes, miscellaneous objects and baby to tear a sizeable chunk out of your clue hole. “Pre-language hoffs and quacks spin out of control,” chimes in our friend Joe Posset. “Instruments (whatever they are) become worried with hectic rubbings and coated in a sort of headache-y varnish…. There’s a canny intertwining going on somehow. Voices whittle like electric kettles, rubber birds sing to high heaven while the neighbors clank about looking for the good frying pan. Occasional electronics mean a finger is jammed deeper into your sense-lobe and the grey matter stirred like a cocktail. Behold! Mitten-enrobed hands rustle various stringed contraptions. Later I dream of Django, Paris in the 1930’s with pelican-throated hoofers warbling to the wee small hours.” Edition of 60