(Wintage - WRT-75) LP $15.00

After nearly two decades of live performances, car crash reality, damaged ear bleed sound, countless CDs and cassettes on various noise labels, Knurl's debut LP delivers a furnace blast of searing frequencies. Trademark saw-blades, chains and metal files leaves nothing but a husk of melted electronics and a pile of smouldering wires under a hail-storm of rusty nails hammering down on a sheet metal roof. “Micrarhyncis” evokes serious backwoods dentistry where the low-end rattles free the fillings from the back of your mouth. On side B, the barbed-wire violin bakes scorching drones under a hot desert sun, eventually melting and congealing in a pool of mercury and chaos. Steel on steel, metal on metal, rust on rust.



(Troniks - TRO227) Used CD $5.00

The sound of distorted, amplified metal from 2006 by Alan Bloor, whose scrapyard inferno roars with the sounds of feedback and blown speakers, live and raw, produced from found stainless steel. Relentlessly rushing forward, constantly moving through a maze of grinding scrapes and crashes.


Standard Deviation

(Oxen - OXEN032) Cassette $6.25

Thoroughly superb harsh noise, abounding with blossoms of metal corruption. Alan Bloor scours and scythes through the destructive stress of an active, real-time debauching of iron caging and light gauge stainless steel. No overdubs, no loopers. C40



(Phage - PT91) CD $10.00

The fifty minutes on this release were composed using constructed metal objects and violin. All four tracks are pure, unrelenting harsh noise with plenty of movement, low bass rumbling, high-frequency feedback and the sound of metal being abused. One of Canada's most reliable mad dogs. Edition of 200.