Deaf in Sugar Avalanche

(Wildlife Insect Fish) CD $16.50

Solo work by Tokyo-based noise artist, recorded at Gallery of Chuo-ku, divided into ninety-three tracks. A rather abnormal, anti-hedonist wall of noise, with which one is encouraged to interact via whatever adjustments to one’s playback system’s functions one cares to make. No wrong answers.


State, State, State

(Ftarri) CD $9.50

Oddball, concept-infused improv with Kou on guitar and Hironaka on drums, recorded in July 2012. The first track is a duet; the drums, then the noise and guitar, were recorded individually. The same guitar sound was played several times, and about a second afterward the electricity was cut for a brief instant. Just where that happens in the recording, Kou inserts a split-second blank in order to shift the drum’s rhythm very slightly. The second track, a live improvisational performance by Kou solo, includes mechanical beeps inserted randomly in order to move the consciousness away from the performance. The theme of dislocation on the third track, Hironaka solo, is expressed by overdubs of different recordings with different rock-style rhythms and phrases. Fourth and final track is an unaltered improvisational duet. Edition of 500.