Blessed Clue In The 3 Sided Dream Of Entwined Saxophones Heads + Busts (On The Sands At Barge Grove)

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Live electronics and field recordings by Kevin Hainey from 2011, a three-sided concept album landscape from a not-so-picturesque Canada, exploring mysterious new drifts for very wavy avant-garde experience. Edition of 100


Cone In Horse

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Unsound by Toronto artist Kevin Hainey, whose hi-fi mic picks up ghostly atmospheres from source materials smoke and breath. In an eight-inch-by-eight-inch screenprint. C44. Edition of 50.


No Knot Of Tubes (Superhexen)

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The closest thing to a rock album in the Kapali Carsi discography contains a piece for amplified gong, another for deconstructed bass guitar, and a final “Riffigy,” for self-accompanied bass guitar. Edition of 100