Presents: Balls Boogie Featuring: Me and Bobby McGee Plus!: Kentucky Whore and Many Others

(Pro-Am Entainment - PA871) LP $17.00 (Out-of-stock)

Formed in 1994, christened by San Francisco’s Zip Code Rapists, these Canadian curiosities recorded their second album despite an astounding array of obstacles. “Most second albums are disappointing,” says frontman Robert Dayton, “So I figured, let’s make the most amazing disappointing second album ever.” Loosely based on a slab of vinyl from the plaid mists of Canadian history called Up, Up, And Away by The Generation Gap, it veers from the cosmic to the personal, from bent, Black-Oak-Arkansas-inspired southern boogie glam (with G-Funk-style keyboards), to emotive, expressive, exploratory visions in sound, ending with a lush, warm ballad about a little baby. An in-progress substance abuse wake-up call foreshadow, anyone? Includes booklet with art by July Fourth Toilet members and collaborators Jason Mclean, Owen Plummer, Mark Delong, Julian Lawrence, Clancy Dennehy, jody franklin, Robert Dayton. With free download coupon. Edition of 500.


Something For Everyone

(Pro-Am Entainment - PA866) Used CD $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

This unavoidable debut album from Vancouver’s engaging pop masterminds is a classy and classic collection of sing-along-friendly folk-pop perfections, delivered with powerful hooks, engaging melodies, and poetic charm. Features members of Young And Sexy, Perfume Tree, and Canned Hamm.