Life Less Lost

(Spirit of Orr) Used CD $5.00

Frenetic, impressively free-form and yet technical guitar-playing from 2003 by this Vermonster, matched with a typically modest vocal performance.


Myself Among Others

(Feather One's Nest) Used CDR $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

Collaborations with Kemialliset Ystävät, Willie Lane, Thurston Moore, Parrotprobe, Ron Schneiderman, Sound Of Pot, Ed Askew, Lau Nau, Ralph White, MV, Dan Brown, and Red Favorite. Nine tracks previously released, eight heard here for the first time. Cover is photocopy on red paper. Assembled with silver mylar tape. Hand-burned disc.


Owl Leaves Rustling

(Feather One's Nest) Used LP $20.00

“A brilliant collage of four-track chaos,” declares Shelfdwindle about the first pressing of this 1995 LP. “A timeless collision of folk and noise [with an] overwhelming loner psych vibe [that] combine[s] with … deeply personal yet muddy sound…. [F]or convenience’s sake let’s make an offhanded comparison of early Jandek meets Tall Dwarfs.” Recycled jacket with spray paint on front, paste-on photocopy on back. Edition 200