Electricity: Music for Tape and Turntable

(Ultra Eczema - UE48) LP $25.00

Since the mid-’60s, remarkable outsider Jos Steen has made poems, stories, paintings, collages, drawings, music/sound, self-published zines, tapes and, more recently, mountains of homemade CDRs, all in the service of either killing the demons in his head or jamming along to their forceful blues. Called by some “the Belgian Beefheart,” Steen spices his record-player experiments with vacuum cleaners, rotting voices, undefinable strings, pianos, and broken bottles. His past includes free jazz greats like Peter Jacquemin, André Goudbeek, Yvo van der Borght, poetry psychos like Roland Topor and Freddy de Vree, and Zappa’s own Jimmy Carl Black. Limited edition vinyl with gold and white sleeve designed by Dennis Tyfus.