Pond Life Noir

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“Time and logic totally fly out the window as soon as this stuff starts to spool,” admires Neil Campbell, who would know and is not prone to exaggerate. Godbert himself explains the genesis of his wonderful lo-fi reed / fog blare, I was stuck in Edinburgh for five days due to a mammoth snow storm. Fortunately, I had at hand a copy of the Ladybird classic Pondlife, published in 1966, and decided to alter it and make it enjoyable for the people who more interested in guns and murder. As the original preface to the book says, ‘A pond might look like just another patch of water, but beneath the green scum, many interesting things are happening’.” With 36pp full-color A5 book of collages. Edition of 50


The Sealed Container

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Three absolute mind-melders from the dusty archives, hand-picked by Yorkshire’s favorite bear-hugger Neil Campbell. Vast aching tableaux where Godbert wails on the reeds and causes irreparable damage to guitars and keyboards borrowed from Matthew Bower — your key to understanding of Northern English heavy liquid infinite blah third eye whatever. Numbered Edition of 60.