V-3 Next Album

([ no label ]) Used LP $75.00

The final, never-released album by Jim Shepard’s V-3, “thick with the live-in-a-basement feel,” say our friends at Volcanic Tongue about this album which is “divided between [classic songs and] heavy guitar / tape manipulation / electronics instrumentals that go as deep into the nocturnal American nightmare zone as anything by Simple Saucer, Chrome and White Light / White Heat-era Velvet Underground…. Shepard’s lyrics are darker than ever here…, while rocking Hawkwind / krautrock-style three-chord fuzz-burners…. [N]ice tape and found-sound cut-ups…, hard-edged avant garage…, beautifully eerie, ethereal instrumentals that sound like they’re about to dissolve…, [and] an extended atonal free jazz jam.” Photo glued to front cover.