Disturbed Strings

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In the spring of 1998, guitarist Jeff Fuccillo (Irving Klaw Trio, Wham-O, Hochenkeit) met avant-folk guru John Fahey while opening for his trio at a gig in Portland, Oregon. Fahey booked studio time to record Fuccillo for his label. Fuccillo arrived at the session expecting to make a solo acoustic guitar album. To his surprise Fahey had prepared a pile of samples — random snatches of music, all manner of sound effects — and without warning began shooting them out into the studio through the monitors, effecting a guerilla collaboration of sorts. Disturbed Strings captures the highlight of that day: veering from hardscrabble string-rattling to modal melodicism, the album is ample testament to Fuccillo’s wide-ranging inventiveness as an improvising guitarist, as well as a window into an aspect of Fahey’s artistry not previously represented on record. An essential document of the New Weird America underground. Released in a limited edition of 500 copies, with artwork by Fahey and Judith Lindbloom.