A Personal Hell

(Small Doses - dose47) 7-inch + CDR $10.50 (Out-of-stock)

Rarely is harsh noise done as well as when Crumer's in charge: deliberate, personal, and soul-shredding. Metal drags, scrapes, bangs, and creaks - blowing microphones, speakers, and your mind. Edition of 300 on brown/green vinyl.



(Blossoming Noise - BN062) LP $17.25 (Out-of-stock)

Dense brass, concrete sounds and mutated noise reveal a pointed narrative and unmatched compositional stroke in Crumer’s sixth full-length studio recording. Equal parts harsh and ambient. Guests include Jeff Stockham on French horn, Chima Faraji on tuba, Jeremy Mann on trumpet and Julian F on drums. Letter pressed jacket. Free download code. Edition of 250.


Ottoman Black

(Hospital - HOS215) CD $13.75 (Out-of-stock)

Fresh off a breakthrough Future With No Chance LP (RRRecords), Jason Crumer returns with an album of midnight drones and true noise. Using powerfully clear electronics as a base for declarative noise bursts, Crumer manipulates the sounds with a resounding animosity. His mean streak yields to an array of silences over the course of the album but nothing here is not painful here, especially the quiet; the peaks are almost a relief. "Betrayal After Betrayal" stands out with its conversational quality, both the screams and the muffles, the physicality, while "Where Were You" is an actionist-influenced piece of torture. Ottoman Black is a stern and unforgiving universe. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2008


Suppression In The Third

(Ecstatic Peace) Used 10-inch $10.00

Deep and considered brainmelt that moves from dark drone solace to sick shards of noise hell by ultra-weirdo troublemaker and one half of Relay For Death.