Cosmic Superimposition

(E.I.E.) CD $12.75

irr. app. (ext.)’s second installment in a planned trilogy that draws from the philosophical ruminations of Wilhelm Reich is a single 45-minute track of revolving organic fluctuations that wax and wane in accordance to a well-tuned internal logic. Glassine ambient passages of processed environmental noise slide into the sustained harmonics of bowed metals which in turn couple with the off-kilter phase pattern of an exhaust fan whose motor is not quite properly aligned. All the while gurgles from streams, clatter from subterranean actions, singing bowl reverberations, and dark elliptical cycles of blackened electronics pock the stately progressions of Cosmic Superimposition’s dronemusik foundation.


Discordant Convergence

(Phage - PT197) CD $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

Four tracks of dark, brooding, atmospheric noise. Fifty-three minutes. Edition of 500.


Dust Pincher Appliances

(Something Weird - SOME06) 10-inch $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

The original 10-inch edition from the late1990s, subsequently reworked and bonus-tracked for Crouton’s CD reissue. Here’s Igloo’s sober assessment: “This is a pixilated haiku. Dense and academic are the first words that pop to mind -- however, don't let that fool you. This could be a pseudo study on the linkage between literal and anatomical encryption. A deep constructive sound work that celebrates the open spaces between sound -- the emptiness and residual tonalities as well as its play on both acoustic and digital sources. This has its own context, and as such has somewhat of an overall industrial feel, not at all caught up in its experimentation -- they have a sense of humor with understanding and a peculiar edge…. Clashing organics, bees, mysterious corners, wind, human waste, birds of paradise and a whole lot more. The mind/body politic are explored frankly and without gauze and Vaseline…. This is your atypical symphony at the periphery of the universe -- a stunning dark portrait of ghostly-like beings illustrated by its very weird cover art.”


Hypothetical Tardigrade Resurrection #1

(Somnimage - som10013) split 7-inch $10.50

Wonderful weird noise and dark ambiance from Nurse With Wound collaborator M. Waldron and Allan Zane's Wyrm. White vinyl.


irr. app. (ext.) / Mykel Boyd

(Somnimage - som10009) split 7-inch $12.00

Matthew Waldron's avant-brewski meets Boyd's drones and sputters, like a cicada in Lake Michigan. White vinyl, silver on black silk screened sleeve. Limited to 200 copies



(Helen Scarsdale - HMS016) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Kreiselwelle is the third and final installment of irr. app. (ext.)’s Wilhelm Reich-influenced series. The title translates as “spiral wave,” a structuralist form Reich had observed throughout nature within numerous systems, from the grand arcs of galaxies to the radial symmetries of micro-organisms. Californian sound engineer M.S. Waldron returns to the same collection of field recordings which began this trilogy that includes Ozeanische Gefühle and Cosmic Superimposition; however, he restricts himself here to sounds with spiraling origins: resonating springs, the sounds of the ocean cyclically churning over pebbles on the beach, the wafting of air around various objects, or simply a lamp-shade spinning in place. The result develops as an organic sublimation of one sound transforming from one state into another and then another. Motorized sounds of mechanical toys set askew settle into a tremolo phase pattern of electrical vibrations. These in turn morph into a cauldron of slow locomotive rumbling, which beget one of many glassine drones that float throughout Kreiselwelle. Many of the sounds seem to have origins in objects that are broken, obsolete, or just plain wrong; but through Waldron’s deft alchemy, sounds flourish in a richly dark and oddly serene amalgamation.


Ozeanishe Gerfühle

(Helen Scarsdale) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

irr. app. (ext.) is the work of California-based sound artist Matt Waldron, who has collaborated with Nurse With Wound and Stilluppsteypa. The post-surrealist sympathetic drones, field recordings, and psychological tension of Ozeanische Gefühle rival such masterpieces as The Hafler Trio’s Kill The King, Jonathan Coleclough & Andrew Chalk’s Sumac, and Nurse With Wound’s Soliloquy For Lilith. The heavily processed flutter of sustained woodwinds accompanied by thunderous rumbles disperse amid discordant, Bernhard Hermann-esque string-slashing. Later on, the grotesque pathos of a Wurlitzer organ dissolves into a blackened emptiness that envelopes the complex resonant frequencies of bowls and bells.