Petit Pale

(Zarek - 05) Used CD $5.00

Arid, abstract, and cerebral, Schick’s live electronics and Neumann’s “inside-piano” converge somewhere between British free improv, German electronics-based improv, and electroacoustics. Occasional bursts of metallic sounds shaped like a human gesture, glitches, lo-fi electronics, and noise come together nicely.



(Zarek) Used CD $3.00

“Growling electronic bitterness seeps out of Schick and fills up the room, like exhaust fumes in a suicide garage,” comments Sound Projector. Using wires, piezos, contact mics, digital and analog feedback, mixing board noises and hiss, overdriven bass filters, distorted no-input, fast-forwarded footage, extreme high frequency manipulation, distorted ground, Tabit is “dominated by nagging, rumbling drone, which resembles the sound of an electronic outboard motor…. Tabit is a dark and urban recording, blighted with many symptoms of the evil side of 21st century life – overwork, stress, insomnia, weight problems, loneliness … recognise yourself in any of the above snapshots?” From 2000