(Pica Disk) CD $25.00

A monumental 41-minute colossus recorded between summer 2006 and February 2007. The single track is mostly sourced from the French horn (not that anyone would have guessed). Layers upon layers of distorted, processed and mangled pieces of sound form a consistent stream of sonic bliss. This massive construction slowly builds to an epic climax. Tafjord is known as part of projects like SPUNK, Fe-Mail (her duo with Maja Ratkje), Agrare (Fe-Mail with dancer Lotta Melin), Trinacria (Fe-Mail with black metallers Enslaved) and collaborations with Birchville Cat Motel, Wolf Eyes, Matmos, Ikue Mori, Otomo Yoshihide, Carlos Giffoni, Zeena Parkins, Fred Frith and countless others.