Bijou Bastard Box Room Suite

(Chocolate Monk - choc.415) CDR $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

The mystery duo has added a third member and invites you into their brown study for more contemplative probing that sometimes sounds like Solid Eye twanging and rippling underneath a radio broadcast by a crunked-up Lexie Mountain. “An artist arrives to paint a portrait of the royal family, but Trinket is unable to get her mane to stay in place and chaos ensues when a bird flies off with her hairgrip,” according to TV Guide. “Starring: Gonçalo F Cardoso, Alex Jones, Phil Lane — three sensitive gits, tight as a piss purse. This shiny disc is better than your last 27 purchases. Dust ain’t randy no more. (Subtitles) (Repeat) Rating: 6.6” Numbered edition of 60


Blood Stereo / Hair & Treasure

(Discrepant - CREP29) split LP $20.00

Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance create complete immersion for people who don’t immerse easily on one side, making livid eyes at confused glitter vixens up and down the squalid isle, while prankster randy dust duo Alex Jones and Gonçalo F. Cardoso dwell on tape loops and webbed finger piano ballads culled from a mound of who-cares electro-acoustic improv sessions as an offering to the associated deities of the zwieback buttermilk trade. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2016