Kicked Back Into The Crypt

(Sophomore Lounge) split LP $14.00 (Out-of-stock)

The Guerilla Toss’s obliteratively perfect side is a less high-pitched, bizarrely shifting clot of sideways-moving aural-mung. This Boston quintet crafts and destroys riffs, rhythms and melodies faster than most bands can turn on their amps, much the same the way that early Boredoms jiggered popular logic with personal calculus and great power. Sediment Club’s wild syncretic power combines the rough stubbing of classic No Wave aktion with the warm mud of Lower Manhattan garage-blues -- everything Lydia Lunch attempted to do with the Devil Dogs. Evil sound beauty from NYC trio (with roots on late’70s Lower East Side), somewhere between Mars, Rat At Rat R and the Chrome Cranks.