A Peaceable Kingdom

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This Chicago ecstatic drone duo began in 2007 as an exploratory collaboration between software engineer, visual artist, and composer Steve Fors (unseen|unknown, United Steelworkers Union, blstr) and schoolteacher, label proprietor, and experimental musician Chris Miller (Number None, Th’ Exceptional Child, REBIS). Bound by a shared love of red wine, the Kranky aesthetic, and the eclectic recordings of off-beat Christian rock visionaries Daniel Amos (aka D. A., Dä), the two utilize a combination of electric and lap steel guitar, salvaged thrift store keyboards, pedals (both broken and boutique), obscure analogue synthesizers, and other obsolete noise-making esoterica. Fors and Miller forge deep into the realms of drone in pursuit of the perfect marriage of harsh and beautiful sounds, simple melodies, and song structures through spontaneous and ecstatic improvisation.