Music For No Title

(Mik Musik) Used CDR $20.00

Covertly drony collaboration with Frans de Waard from 2003 with typical Freiband elements -- cracklings, mini-funkings, gentle hard-disk manipulations – reassigned to a new environment (a brain pulsating in space), new time (lava-like fallout), and new tempo (deliciously unpredictable and awkward). Sexy brooming, as they say in the lowlands. Hand-screened cover. Edition of 55 (number 54).


Stainless Steel

(Ini Itu - INIITU1101) LP $16.00

One side of molten, acid-bathed gamelan, with decay and textural corrosion magnified and enhanced, one side of arcanely wired machines spitting out shifting binary patterns. Plus two locked grooves at no extra charge. Edition of 250