A Snare Is A Bell

(Ultra Eczema - UE49) LP $30.00

Written for a snare drum roll which changes three times and a tiny bit of vocals (resonating with the snare drum), this meditative psychedelic experience evokes the evolving vibrations of constructive minimalists such as Steve Reich or Terry Riley as well as the massive buildup of sound in Glenn Branca’s work. Thielemans is based in Antwerp, Belgium, has composed percussive pieces for theater, played psychedelic guitar music with Mauro Pawlowski, spaced free music with Sickboy and Cassisini Division, and a load of free jazz with Andre Goudbeek and Peter Jacquemyn. Limited to 500 copies, etched on one side of the vinyl, with an insert, design by Dennis Tyfus. The first in Ultra Eczema’s series of solo percussion LPs.