Al Anon

(Catsup Plate) Used LP $8.00

“Small inner dialogues and isolated mind caves, where an idea may only last a moment and is captured and tweaked into fragments of many memories. Copeland sometimes disappears into a ‘behind-the-scenes’ role on this strangely curated time capsule from 2009, where birds beat-box with car-stereo subwoofers and the neighbors’ Español sings on top of the Sabbath siren. The familiar becomes mysterious and the unknown feels normal.” Screen-printed jacket. Edition of 500.


Heavy Afternoon Buzz / Late At Night A Day Lay

(Catsup Plate) LP (lathe cut) $75.00

“Broken into a pair of sidelong suites,” observe our friends at Arthur, “this album is a pure experimental response to the dictates of archaic huzz, generated entirely by an old tone generator and a broken digital delay unit. A variety of apparent loops are blended in shifts, and the whole moves through the air in your head like a buttery soft saw blade, slowly unwinding its way across the room. There are parts that have a weird similarity to some of No Pussyfooting, but let’s assume that’s unintentional.” Numbered edition of 50



(Post Present Medium) Used LP $8.00

“Through bouncy rhythmic loops, sprightly vocal chants, and child-like melodies, Copeland crafts pieces that feel sunny and breezy even at their roughest,” explains Pitchfork about the first solo album by a member of Black Dice. “In that sense Hermaphrodite evokes Gang Gang Dance’s early séances and Animal Collective’s brighter rain dances. But it’s even closer to the wide-eyed art loops of the Residents. As simple and bright as many of these pieces are, none of them scream at you, instead approaching at off-angles and sloping curves.” From 2008