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This pataphysical collective lead by Lyon-based Christophe Petchanatz since 1985 uses dismantled toys, organs with burst pipes, squeaking, detuned guitars, and loose broom to recreate a world within a world where children’s music boxes transform into a carousel for adults, waltzes mutate into progressive drunkard chants, and postpunk revisits lo-fi chamber music. All the songs on “Dealings” are adaptations of poems by John B. Cornaway, author of “Heligoland”, who published Petchanatz’s first texts while the late Eric Chabert was releasing the first cassettes of his group Los Paranos and of Klimperei. Over Chabert’s scratchy voice, Klimperei unloads its makeshift bric-a-brac, melodica, banjo and metallophone throughout woozy cabaret cantatas, potluck selections from the Canterbury school, punk waltz under a sad sun, acoustic free-blues, and haywire krautrock. Nino Rota or Erik Satie have been invoked in past descriptions, and one could also find parenthood with other unclassifiables such as Chris Knox, Pierre Bastien, Ghedalia Tazartes or Pascal Comelade.