Zero Return

(Chocolate Monk - choc.432) CDR $8.00

Francesco Calandrino lives and works way down in Alcamo in the fields of research music, net-art, language and wine — no doubt guzzling down the good grape while he generates hyper lo-fi sounds from sputtering mechanical systems like his beloved old radio-cassette stereos and wonky Walkmans — while Cristiano Deison has his lab way up in Varmo, where he can usually be found frothing over his Tascam 404, turntable guts and objects churning out skillful tape loop burbles, electronic skittering and field recordings. The whole thing has a great eavesdropping throb that feels like it’s beaming in from afar. Both are part of the ferment of ideas here but Zero Return is a real whodunit. Better get out your ear magnifier, Sherlock. Edition of 60