Ed Askew

(ESP-Disk') Used CD $6.00

Ask The Unicorn from 1968 plus three tracks selected by Askew — “Accordion Man” from WYBC radio1970, “Green Song” from the early 1970s, and “A Soldier’s Song” from 2005.


Here We Are Together Again b/w Yellow Dollars

(Destijl - IND086) 7-inch $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

The last of the vintage, tipple-era Askew, before the fingers cramped and began tickling digital ivory. Two wondrous cuts that would've been included on the Little Eyes CD were time not space: live versions of "Here We Are Together Again" and "Yellow Dollars," taken from David Porter's Show on WYBC, November 1969.


Little Eyes

(Destijl) Used LP $40.00

Outsider folk 1970 originally recorded for ESP as a follow-up to Ask The Unicorn but never released until 2005. Little Eyes was performed in one take, and features Askew on voice, piano, and tipple (a cross between an adapted lute and larger, ten-string ukulele). A grand, sad and beautiful seduction. Rice paper front cover, photocopy back cover.