A Ella Le Gusta La Casalina (Dame Mas Casalina!) Como Le Encanta La Casalina

(Ultra Eczema - UE74) paperback book $28.00 (Out-of-stock)

In August 2009, Tyfus and Colson (among others) went to a mountaintop house in Spain for a week of food, alcoholic beverages, swimming, and -- most importantly -- drawing and collaging. All are collected in this 240-page book. Raw sketches, detailed black and white drawings, Penelope Cruz madness, sexy times, colorful curly noses, etc. 500 copies


Stevige Nacht b/w De Kerstdagen

(Meeuw Muzak - MM047) 7-inch $8.75 (Out-of-stock)

Ultra Eczema’s Dennis Tyfus on voice and cassettes, with Kris Maes on atmospheric slide guitar, editing and recording, applying their lo-fi sound poetry aesthetic to Christmas tunes.


The Throat Is Pregnant / Zangstondes

(Ultra Eczema - UE58) split LP $18.00

This record is all about flipping the coin of persistence and patience. Dylan Nyoukis is back on his grind, and what a tooth-crushing experience it is, old school vocal perversion for which the Chocolate Monk president is known: a low-brow brew of high- and low-pitched vocal scruff, muffled sonic slime, lungs full of asbestos dust, and a preference for visuals that piss on the high-brow, borne of total no-fi cassette trouble and underage kids chewing on dusted tapeloops. Dennis Tyfus drools on the microphone and allows bodily juices to make contact with translation delays, empty Kleenex boxes and the power that controls the earth's core. Constant knob-tweaking, contact mic'd cheese balls, and endless layers of mutilated throat sounds jump across the circuitboard like mechanical ants. There's a lot of weird information to absorb here. In addition to vicious ragtime gobot action, a gentle, furrier choir meditation zone will trance your brain muscles over the rainbow. Highly influenced by aboriginal ways of life and the meditative nature of throat singing, the Homo Sapiens Ultra Eczema president spits out a true projection of his tormented soul. Packaged in a classic fold-out silkscreen jacket in a limited edition of 250 copies.


Vecchia Signora Che Viene Aggredita Da Un Cane

(Ultra Eczema - UE80) Magazine $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Sixty-page zine made for the "Changez, Een Belgenshow" exhibtion at 21 Rozendaal in Een Schede, Netherlands. It collects and documents work made or found between November 4 and December 31, when Tyfus joined the Hair Police on a tour through Europe and did a residency at Codalunga in Vittorio Veneto: drawings made in the tour van; a Sinterklaas performance with Benjamin Verdonck; found imagery from a great second hand store; a ceiling fan party; a Jacques Beloeil show; a Ludo Mich show, and Tyfus’s first attempt to bake cookies. Black and white with full-color cover. 600 copies