Burning Star Core / Del

(Quasi Pop - QPOPREC08) split 7-inch $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

A blend of wild rock energy with anarchic noise weirdness in a complex, explosive, multi-layered sound. Traditional instrumentation (violin, drums + guitars) and noisy, chaos-generating electronics, unified in celebration of the power of primal natural forces and the creative energy of sexual instincts.


Drone Electric Lust / La Morte Young

(Pica Disk - PICA036) split LP $21.00

Christian Malfray’s crackling hot electronics meet the tape manipulation and processed guitar of Pierre Faure and Thierry Monnier on the La Morte Young side. Eric Lombaert’s modest percussion provides a smattering of rhythm and Joelle Vinciarelli wails like Mike Patton over a John Zorn skit. Drone homage becomes dooming chaos. On the flip, Drone Electric Lust shuffle their feet, so to speak, with accordion-styled electronics and barely awakened jazz drums. The chaos of Kjell Runar Jenssen, Lasse Marhaug, Per Gisle GalŒen and Fredrik Ness Sevendal is a seemingly quiet one that gets abstracted with impossible-to-follow guitar fuck-ups before retreating into busy, tinkering ambiance. So very lovely.